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EA Ladder '17
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:19:56 am »

Hey EA community, it's been a while since we had an event! That's why we launched the first Ladder event brought to you by EA.

The VC:MP Ladder is an ongoing competition between VC:MP players, showing a list of some of VC:MP's best fighters from Extreme-Addicts Community.

How this event works?
Players may chose to challenge the person above them in the ladder, for their spot. If they win their duel then they move up, and the loser moves down. If you are not on the ladder, you challenge one of the people in last place. There are 20 spots on the ladder, with room for one player on spots 1-17, 2 on 18, 3 on 19 and 4 on 20.

Challenging Fighters in 1 v 1:
As in every dueling competition, the main purpose is to arrange a suitable date/hour for both participants to play the match. To challenge a player you must fill out an a challenge in the challenge board here:

Rule the EA Ranking the whole season!
Greatest fighters will be holding the top 5 spots, where the 1# has to defend their spot until the event finishes to be nominated as the best figher. Are you ready to rule the ranking?

A list of topics and guides were posted in this general board. Good luck to all the participants joining EA Ladder!

Special thanks to Charleyutton and those who came up with Ladder format and credits to Thijn for the ladder php script.

~ EA Developers & Staff.
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Re: EA Ladder '17
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finaly 8)


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