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Author Topic: [Denied]Staff Application - [UF]Hazard  (Read 69 times)

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[Denied]Staff Application - [UF]Hazard
« on: June 11, 2019, 06:31:14 pm »
Nickname: [UF]Hazard
Other nicknames you are known by: [UF]Dabangg_dada
Age: 15 years
Country: Pakistan, PK
Timezone: GMT+5
VC:MP experience (years/months/days/minutes/seconds): Playing since 2012
Administrative experience: I'm currently serving VL as a moderator.
Extra notes: I should be admin because I am a dedicated member of EA and I am experienced with moderation. I have been playing in EA for several years and I enjoy playing everyday I join. I am a decently known member across this community as I join discord to chat and play with my friends. This community is very accepting and friendly even though everyone has their own opinions on things. I would love to help this community out by taking a place in the staff team and dedicating myself to moderate EA server. If I'm given a chance, I assure I'll be a worthy addition to staff team of the server. I can be a great help to this server. I find myself and others playing against those who hack, and constantly need to record and report them. As an admin, I want to help eliminate those kinds of players from the server, and provide an overall better experience for those who play in the server. Also, talking about Viceland. I had some beefs and disputes in the past. But now they have been resolved and I am reinstated as a moderator. It was all just a mere misunderstanding which is most unlikely to happen again in the future.
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Re: [Denied]Staff Application - [UF]Hazard
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Re: [Denied]Staff Application - [UF]Hazard
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Stop spamming applications, wait a few months to apply again.


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